Susan Nixon
Susan Nixon
Financial Director

Where you grew up: Chicago suburb

Where you went to school: University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Interior Deign, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Deign

What kind of Design work you prefer: Commercial & Residential

Favorite quote: “…Our aims assure us of our material life, our values make possible our spiritual life” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

What Inspires Me: Architecture has inspired me since my fieldtrips to Chicago in elementary school as well as taking the train into Chicago with my dad who worked as an accountant across from the Art Institute. In particular Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the Prairie Style and Mies van der Rohe’s  modern glass and steel buildings that broke away from the traditional Chicago aesthetic captured the creative side of me when I was young. As I got older I learned more about them and this is what inspired me to study architecture and interior design in college.