Nathan Hughes
Nathan Hughes

Where you grew up: Grew up in a little town in Arkansas

Where you went to school: Wichita State University: Associates of Arts University Of Central Oklahoma:  Bachelors Of Fine Arts: Interior Design

Design Preference: Residential has always had my heart but Hospitality and Restaurant Design have always been fascinating to me.  Walking into to a place and asking, “Who decided on the aesthetic, who are they communicating to and what story are they trying to tell.” 

Favorite Hobby / Interest: I am a huge comic book(DC Comics all the way) and movie nerd. I love seeing how these visual artist play with color and depth to stimulate their audiences’ eye. 

Favorite Quote: Do Or Do Not.  There is No Try.  ~Yoda(Star Wars)

More about me: I own every book by Michael Crichton. Haven’t read them all but they’re on my bucket list

My Major Design Influencers:  Bjarke Ingels with BIG. Yes, more architect but simply amazes me from his original earth changing ideas, to his finely executed concepts and magnificent breath taking final reveals.  Being from a small town, the only influence of Interior Design was through HGTV.  I always loved the way Candice Olson and Genevieve Gorder communicated and made spaces true to their clients needs.  Their commitment to their clients’ space inspired me to pursue Interior Design as a career and passion.  Corny, I know but we all start somewhere.

Something you might not know about me: I was never a Boy Scout but I believe one should always be prepared. My Zombie survival backpack is Legit!!